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SMK Datuk Pengiran Galpam

History of SMK Datuk Pengiran Galpam

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SMK Datuk Pengiran Galpam, di puncak gemilang
Official badge of SMK Datuk Pengiran Galpam
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Datuk Pengiran Galpam is a school with a full its own history. The school was established in 1988, is the first to carry the name as SMK Sandakan II. The school was used as a branch to another secondary school SMK Sandakan. At that time the school was riding in a primary school idol SK Berhala Darat (now known as SK Sri Tanjung Papat). At that time the school had 320 students and 12 teachers and at that time the school also is under the supervision of the evening supervisor of SMK Sandakan, Mr Adiah Junang .

In 1989, under the supervision of Mr Yaacob Nasroh, name SMK Sandakan II were adjusted to SMK Berhala Darat. At that time the school also has had its own administrative and financial provisions. A clerk also been assigned in this school to help the school administration.

In March 1989, Mr. Mokhtar bin Yaacob also made history as the first principal of this school. In the same year SMK Berhala Darat has opened another branch block SK Sungai Anib to accommodate students of Form 2.

In 1990 a block of flash project was built on the seafront at Grand View to accommodate the students who are to form 3. This block contains 8 classrooms. Generally, at the time this school already has 3 branches known as SMK Berhala Darat Pusat (Form 3), SMK Berhala Darat Laut (Form 1), and SMK Berhala Darat (SK Sungai Anib branch, Form 1). School students has risen to 850 people and a total teaching staff of 34.

Until next year, the number of students and teaching staff increased. Subsequently in 2000, under the administration of Mr. Hussein Bin Abdul Manaf, the seventh principal, the school has recorded another milestone where SMK Berhala Darat name was changed to the SMK Datuk Pengiran Galpam on specific reasons.

In 2005, SMK Datuk Pengiran Galpam once again create a significant milestone when it successfully took over the former Maktab Perguruan Sandakan, where the building was moved to Maktab Perguruan Tawau, Tawau. With a total student population of 950 people and a total teaching staff of 35 people, who have previously used school board located on the edge of the sea is now situated on a hill and comes with a variety of infrastructure.

Formal transfer from the old to the new building was done on February 15, 2005. The year also two classes of 6th form was opened for the first time.

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